At Revolute Law, we understand the intricacies of M&A transactions and offer tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our expertise encompasses:

Due Diligence: We conduct thorough due diligence investigations to identify potential risks and liabilities associated with M&A transactions. Our meticulous approach ensures that our clients enter into agreements with full knowledge of the legal implications.

Transaction Structuring: We assist clients in structuring M&A transactions in a manner that maximizes value and minimizes risks. Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or joint venture, our team devises innovative strategies to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Negotiation and Documentation: Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who advocate for our clients’ interests while fostering constructive dialogue with counterparties. We draft and review transaction documents, including purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, and transition services agreements, to safeguard our clients’ rights and obligations.

Regulatory Compliance: We navigate the complex regulatory landscape governing M&A transactions in India, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. From competition law to foreign investment regulations, we provide comprehensive guidance to mitigate regulatory risks.

Post-Closing Integration: Our support extends beyond the transaction closing. We assist clients in implementing post-closing integration plans, facilitating a smooth transition and maximizing synergies between merged entities.

Industry Focus

Revolute Law has extensive experience across diverse industries, including:

Technology: Advising technology companies on strategic acquisitions, intellectual property issues, and regulatory compliance in the rapidly evolving tech sector.

Finance: Assisting financial institutions in navigating regulatory requirements and structuring transactions to achieve growth objectives.

Healthcare: Providing legal counsel to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers on mergers, acquisitions, and regulatory matters in the healthcare industry.

Real Estate: Advising real estate developers, investors, and REITs on property acquisitions, joint ventures, and regulatory compliance in the dynamic real estate market.

Other Practice Areas