We render our strategic opinion on disputes & litigations to various domestic & international companies in India.

Our expertise in the legal review can bring substantial change in the ongoing dispute & litigation as our law firm adopts a 360-degree approach with consideration of the facts, evidence & legality in its entirety.

Purpose of a Legal Opinion

Providing legal information – When entering into a transaction, it is of utmost importance that it is legally valid so that it cannot be challenged later and no damages are suffered by the parties involved. A legal opinion helps in ensuring that such transactions are in compliance with the law of the land. It also provides the legal requirements for the transaction which must be fulfilled. 

Providing advice for resolution – The legal remedies that can be resorted to in order to solve the issue is provided in detail in the legal opinion. This is very useful when deciding future course of action regarding the issue and allows the persons to become aware of their rights. 

Foreign Legal Opinion 

In the times of globalization transactions are carried out in different jurisdictions. In such situations it is sometimes mandatory to get a certified legal opinion from a lawyer or a law firm of a foreign jurisdiction that can certify that such a transaction will be valid under the laws of the particular country. For example, the inheritance laws for an Indian who is domiciled in a foreign state can be ambiguous which can lead to confusion when the will is executed. In such a scenario, it is better to seek a professional legal opinion to prevent potential complications from arising later on. 

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