Astha Garg

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Astha Garg, Co-Founder of Revolute Law, boasts an illustrious career thus far representing clients across sectors and foras. Her clients range across sectors including oil & gas, renewable energy, infrastructure, banking & finance, and real estate. Astha is an alumna of Vasant Valley School, Delhi, and the Symbiosis International University, Pune, and is an active member of the Symbiosis Alumni Women Network.

From representing waqf tenants before the Delhi High Court to representing the Government of India in one of the largest ongoing international commercial arbitrations in the oil and gas sector, Astha’s career represents her massive knowledge base in the sphere of commercial litigation and arbitration. Astha is a disputes resolution enthusiast whose practice is aimed at a cost-effective and result-oriented approach for her clients with the help of mediation and conciliation as and when a situation demands.

Presently, Astha is also pursuing a certification course in International Arbitration from the University of Leiden. A firm believer in the power of negotiation, Astha is not just an astute litigator but an effective negotiator. She believes that most commercial disputes have the ability to be resolved if an entrepreneurial approach is adopted by both Parties and their Counsel.

Outside the office, Astha is an avid reader, keen artist, and amateur photographer. She loves traveling to unexplored locations and experiencing life as the locals do. She believes that new experiences make one a well-rounded individual better suited to represent individuals from different walks of life.

Her keen business acumen and dedication to client success make her an invaluable asset to organizations seeking legal guidance.